Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Message to Students

Many times i see the people doing crash courses to get into a job after the graduation. But what i feel is that, the employers really want people who are smart enough to do the given job/task, irrespective of the technology. The important thing is the confidence in basic concepts which is lacking in few people now a days. I am very sure only college days are the ones which are very critical in our life time. What ever we learn/ practice in these days, would help through out our career.

You should be smart enough to learn a new technology. For achieving this, you should be very good in basic concepts. For example, i came accross one situation in my task where i have to find out the product which has occupied the K'th place in the page view counts list. And there are huge number of products. If you look at this problem, this is a basic computer science algorithm "Find the Kth highest element". You can do it in O(N^2) with a simple heuristic. But there is a way to do it in O(N). This is how you should THINK. Similarly OOPS, very interesting topic is related to every thing in the IT industry. Software engineering is another thing, with which the present organizations are perpetually following for their success. There will be lots of project processes involved in the organizations and they strictly follow the concepts of software engineering, like Requirements gathering, Design, implementation, testing, release, maintanence and so on.

You might have atleast felt why Studying outdated things in our syllabus, but you should remember that you are learning the core which is basement for your career. So be confident in all the subjects in your syllabus and if you feel that you are confident, then try to learn advanced technologies. Learning a new technology or platform is not that difficult for a person who is very good in basics. Try to be in sync with the latest problems. I still remember on of my professors lecture, he said "You should have a daily feed back from your side, At the end of every day, you should think before sleeping whether you have learnt any new thing/idea/process/topic that day or not. If you do it for few days, you would come to know what you are and upgrading to the rapidly changing world".

Lecturers are gods when you are in college so please dont hesitate to ping your lecturers for new problems and think differently, you would become a master in your area of interest. Try attempting the programming puzzle contests and participating in technical Quizs, this must be a begining for your search.

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