Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Columbia Aspexit . . .

Did you watch the movie of John Nash ? Its worth watching one ! I like this song that comes when he climbs the stairs up to the university...

Columba aspexit
Per cancellos fenestre
Ubi anti faciem eius
Sudando sudavit balsamum
De lucido maximo

Calor solis exarsit
Et in tenebras resplenduit
Unde gemma surrexit
In deificatione templi
Purissimi cordis benivoli

Iste turris excelsa
De ligno libani
Et cipresso facta
Iacinto et sardio ornata est
Urbs precellens artes
Aliorum artificum

Ipse velox cervus
Cucurrit ad fontem
Purissimi atque
Fluentis de fortissimo lapide
Qui dulcia aromata irrigavit

A pigmentarii
Qui estis in suavissima viriditate
Hortorum regis
Ascendentes in altum
Quando sanctum sacrificium
In arietibus perfecistis

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Games in blog . . .

I have already coded tic-tac-toe game the recursive max version. But no site available to launch this page from :P. I still feel that we are lagging in technology for example, we cant put applet in the blog. Funny to hear this right ? But its true and is the case.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

College Voice Publication

Finally my essay got published in the college magazine. But i due to the gaps in communication and work schedules no time to get the updates from the college professors. I observe that people are pinging me in messenger and mails wishing and asking for few details.

Putting here the pages of the voice publication for my record !
You can see the message which i posted long time back in my blog ! here in this link
Message to Students





Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life or Desire !!!

I just jotted down the whole speech in text form here.

I don't know what to say really ...
Three minutes to the biggest battle of our proffessional lives had comes down to us today i heal, we heal as a team, we are gonna crumble inch by inch, play by play we finished, we are having right now gentel men, belive me ...

And we can stay here get the shit kicked on us or we can fire our way back into the light. we can climb out of hell one inch at a time now i cant do it for you... i am too old. I look around, i see these young faces and i think i mean, i made every wrong choice a middle age man make ...

I piss the way all my money believe it or not i chased of any one who has ever loved me and lately
i can't even stand the face i see in the mirror you know you get all those in life things get taken from thats part of our life but when you learn that you will stat loosing stuff you find out lifes of game ages you chose football because you need a game life or football the margin for error is so small i mean...

One happens step toolate or too early you don't quit make it ...
One has 2nd to slow he could nt go catch it ...
the inches we need are every where around us ...
there are in every breaken game...
every minute every second...

honestly we fight for that inch...
honestly we care ourselves, and every one else ...
around us the pieces for that inch...
we claw with our finger nails for that inch because...
we know when we add up all those inches, that is going to make the fucking differnce between winners and loosers ...
between living and died...

In any fight its the guy who is willing to die, who is going to win that inch and i know if am not going to have life any more, is because i am willing to fight and die for that inch, because thats what living is

The 6inches in-front of our face, now i cant make you doing
you got to look at the guy next to you look into his eyes
now i think you gonna see a guy
you have to see that guy
who will sacrifice himself for this team...
Because he knows when it comes down to it he is going to do the same to you

Thats the team gentlemen, and either we heal now as a team or we will die as individuals thats football guys... thats all it is ...
now what are you going to do ?


Monday, March 17, 2008

Week-End-Happenings . . .

Normal days for a gladiator. Things are very normal and plain dreams. Last weekend was horrible as i caught fever and throat infection. There were few buiscuites in the break-out area of the office. I had a total of 12 of them and orderd a top-remen [one kind of food thats made up of noodles]. Thats it, i was impacted by the throat infection and 110 degrees fever. That was the first time i felt shivering being an adult. I never felt shivering when was feverish. Well keep it aside and let me jot down the things which i felt were important during this weekend.

Went to search for a single KBH [Kitchen + Bedroom + Hall] near to my office. The costs were too high. Being a tenant, i am angry that they are asking for more even with small small houses. But coudn't do much in search as its not a yahoo's search or some other search engines well organized data. So saw a total of 4 houses and out of them 3 were rejected at the first sight. One thing i liked but very small. The rent for that is more. But its very near to the office that i can even walk during the evening.

Then went to a place where i was supposed to go. It was a great place to be in and sit. Lot of
geniuses come there to explore their knowledge. I was there for a message and after that went to one of my friend's place. For my bad luck, there was a heavy rain-fall after reaching their house. The house was very old and the floor of the house was much below the road level. So because of the heavy rain-fall, water started overflowing in the backyard and it started coming into the house
and filled the complete floor with 2 inches of height. Being feverish, i couldn't ran anywhere and sat on a bike in a wall shadow. After 2 hrs power came and every body saw that the water level in the floor was more. Actually there was a volve they have to close, since no one was aware of where that volve was located, they invited water inside. Finally they called to the owner and with the help of owner's sons they manually started filling water into buckets and throwing them out. Almost every body did hardwork for one hour. But nobody was feeling to stay in the house. The water was drainage water, so it was smelling bad. So every body took their belongings and ran to friends places. Even i went to one of my friends place from there. No way what to do :|.

Next day i went back with them to thier place. One of my friend is going to germany. So he started searching for the docs and certs. Luckily some one saved them else they could have been destroyed by the water. He was happy and checked every thing. I was just watching. I felt little for a while like "Why no chance" for me ?. Every one on this earth is getting a chance to go out of india and they show up things infront of me. But no one is giving chance to me. Don't know why. But i am happy and i bellieve that i will be putting my leg in other continents soon. Lets see what happens.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back to life :)

I am back to work after the marriage vacation [not mine but one of my friends]. I was expecting a credit card from localbank [the one which had taken almost 4 weeks to grant the card. [I applied for another new UK based bank for the CC parelly and got the card too]. These people called me more than 2 times for the confirmation and finally not able to deliver the card on time. I got irritated, called the courier guys and finally caught them on phone after 2 hours of struggling. No one receives calls, [customer care people of first flight are really sleeping. 9AM -> no response 10 AM -> no response, 11AM -> able to reach security 12:25 -> caught manager online.

They said that the C was sent twice and failed to dispatch. It is right now with one of the agents. Probably i will be getting it soon today. Else, they will the red in my eyes. Don't understand, but i am loosing my interest and patience on few things. Silly things taking more time, some times i am feeling like the whole world is sleeping. I could have been born in a different country probably japan, but no luck, couldn't do any. If my company opens a branch there in, i will be the first person to go, even to a desert also :|. Nothings moves fast as expected except my mind. To get relief from the pressure i am playing foos 1-2 hrs a day :))


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reason behind Tea/Papad after food . . .

I see many people becoming agaped when they notice others drinking tea after lunch or dinner. The culture is actually from Chinese. Do we really know why Chinese restaurants offer tea after the food ? I hope not that you know the true reason behind it. Believe me there is a good reason for the their offering of tea after food.

The kind of food that we eat contains lots of oily stuff and it get stick to the throat. It not water like material so it would stick to the chambers of the throat and remains there for more time. It would not get abrasive even if we take water after the food. The only way to get the stuff away and keep the throat and other pipes clean in the body is by drinking hot water. Drinking hot water is one of the good principles in meditation. So if you take raw tea [with out milk] after the food, it acts as a cleansing solution for the stuff that could have got stuck in the pipes in your body. So the reason why Chinese offer tea after lunch/dinner or food.

This reminds me another reason why people from india especially from south india eat papad during their lunch. The reason is almost similar to what i have explained in gist above. Usually papads would be offered mostly in functions. The reason behind is that food offered in those functions is full of oil and other colestral. After eating such items, oesophagus contains many invisible tissues made up of oil. So if you take a papad, it squeezes the dust and cleans and frees the oesophagus path. This was the reason why it was invented thousands years before, Now a days we see really very less people aware of this crystal clear truth.

I like the snap above shoted at Chinese meridian near to the office :)


Friends are conducive . . .

This is not my only feeling, i have been observing it helps ! believe me it really helps when you are trying to do some thing very new and risky. It might look funny in some to think to have friends in different areas with different ages, but it makes sense to have them. For example there is nothing wrong if you have a friend who is of your father's age. Absolutely nothing wrong, your father is a friend of you... so another person of his age can be friend of yours.

There is nothing i am going to put it in a compendium over here in this blog post, but want to acclaim that its good to have friends of all kinds. This post is about a person who i met last year and been in touch with him. He is a good solicitor. Has been working so diligently abroad and in a good position at present. :)