Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Case of a Dumb Email Forward

I got a mail forward from a friend saying "That happens only in bangalore !!!" as the subject line. I usually don't believe in such mail forwards. There are several such forwards we see/get from the friends in our daily life.

This happens only if the people are using the mail just for the forwards with out thinking for a while. If they know the actual reason for the snap, which i was talking about, they have to agree with me for the abnegation.
Here i am giving the mail content from the forward:
"Technology on street..
A techie transfers fund for a penalty from his laptop near Trinity Circle in Bangalore on Tuesday....

Forwarding such a mail is not a problem, sending blindly to create such an impression about the public services is a issue. So i finally found the actual reason for this on knowledge base[net]. I am not sure even this is the root cause for this photo or not, but since its a public site, i can trust site than the mail. See this link, it would reveal the actual reason of this snap...


Monday, July 16, 2007

Procastination is the cause of all the problems . . .

I don't know whether you people have faced this or not. But i faced a situation with this concept in life. Things are going fine and every thing seems to be in control. I am a fan of delaying the things to tomarrow when it comes to shopping or purchasing some thing. The thing is that i won't give much preference to do this immediately. This started happening after i left the college. Belive me i am the first person used to put leg in college out of all the people.[used to stay near to the college campus where all the rest used to stay in the city almost 20K from the college.] So what ever it is, the moment you think you can do it, doing it immediately is better than delaying it to tomarrow. Ofcourse there are few exceptions, where delaying things might help in making a good and better decision. So it is up to us to decide and act so that the plan will be crystalized and stop the aberrant mind fluctuations...