Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reason behind Tea/Papad after food . . .

I see many people becoming agaped when they notice others drinking tea after lunch or dinner. The culture is actually from Chinese. Do we really know why Chinese restaurants offer tea after the food ? I hope not that you know the true reason behind it. Believe me there is a good reason for the their offering of tea after food.

The kind of food that we eat contains lots of oily stuff and it get stick to the throat. It not water like material so it would stick to the chambers of the throat and remains there for more time. It would not get abrasive even if we take water after the food. The only way to get the stuff away and keep the throat and other pipes clean in the body is by drinking hot water. Drinking hot water is one of the good principles in meditation. So if you take raw tea [with out milk] after the food, it acts as a cleansing solution for the stuff that could have got stuck in the pipes in your body. So the reason why Chinese offer tea after lunch/dinner or food.

This reminds me another reason why people from india especially from south india eat papad during their lunch. The reason is almost similar to what i have explained in gist above. Usually papads would be offered mostly in functions. The reason behind is that food offered in those functions is full of oil and other colestral. After eating such items, oesophagus contains many invisible tissues made up of oil. So if you take a papad, it squeezes the dust and cleans and frees the oesophagus path. This was the reason why it was invented thousands years before, Now a days we see really very less people aware of this crystal clear truth.

I like the snap above shoted at Chinese meridian near to the office :)


Friends are conducive . . .

This is not my only feeling, i have been observing it helps ! believe me it really helps when you are trying to do some thing very new and risky. It might look funny in some to think to have friends in different areas with different ages, but it makes sense to have them. For example there is nothing wrong if you have a friend who is of your father's age. Absolutely nothing wrong, your father is a friend of you... so another person of his age can be friend of yours.

There is nothing i am going to put it in a compendium over here in this blog post, but want to acclaim that its good to have friends of all kinds. This post is about a person who i met last year and been in touch with him. He is a good solicitor. Has been working so diligently abroad and in a good position at present. :)