Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Case of a Dumb Email Forward

I got a mail forward from a friend saying "That happens only in bangalore !!!" as the subject line. I usually don't believe in such mail forwards. There are several such forwards we see/get from the friends in our daily life.

This happens only if the people are using the mail just for the forwards with out thinking for a while. If they know the actual reason for the snap, which i was talking about, they have to agree with me for the abnegation.
Here i am giving the mail content from the forward:
"Technology on street..
A techie transfers fund for a penalty from his laptop near Trinity Circle in Bangalore on Tuesday....

Forwarding such a mail is not a problem, sending blindly to create such an impression about the public services is a issue. So i finally found the actual reason for this on knowledge base[net]. I am not sure even this is the root cause for this photo or not, but since its a public site, i can trust site than the mail. See this link, it would reveal the actual reason of this snap...


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