Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friends are conducive . . .

This is not my only feeling, i have been observing it helps ! believe me it really helps when you are trying to do some thing very new and risky. It might look funny in some to think to have friends in different areas with different ages, but it makes sense to have them. For example there is nothing wrong if you have a friend who is of your father's age. Absolutely nothing wrong, your father is a friend of you... so another person of his age can be friend of yours.

There is nothing i am going to put it in a compendium over here in this blog post, but want to acclaim that its good to have friends of all kinds. This post is about a person who i met last year and been in touch with him. He is a good solicitor. Has been working so diligently abroad and in a good position at present. :)


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