Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back to life :)

I am back to work after the marriage vacation [not mine but one of my friends]. I was expecting a credit card from localbank [the one which had taken almost 4 weeks to grant the card. [I applied for another new UK based bank for the CC parelly and got the card too]. These people called me more than 2 times for the confirmation and finally not able to deliver the card on time. I got irritated, called the courier guys and finally caught them on phone after 2 hours of struggling. No one receives calls, [customer care people of first flight are really sleeping. 9AM -> no response 10 AM -> no response, 11AM -> able to reach security 12:25 -> caught manager online.

They said that the C was sent twice and failed to dispatch. It is right now with one of the agents. Probably i will be getting it soon today. Else, they will the red in my eyes. Don't understand, but i am loosing my interest and patience on few things. Silly things taking more time, some times i am feeling like the whole world is sleeping. I could have been born in a different country probably japan, but no luck, couldn't do any. If my company opens a branch there in, i will be the first person to go, even to a desert also :|. Nothings moves fast as expected except my mind. To get relief from the pressure i am playing foos 1-2 hrs a day :))


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