Monday, April 16, 2007

Gain Band width product of a human is constant.

Surprising ?? yep, you have to agree with me on this after reading the below scribbling. Don't worry and run away, i will not heat up your head by making you sit and explaining of the derivation of transistor H parameters and amplifiers :D

If i ask you a question, say "Do you know the person who is very good at theory of relativity? ", you would obviously come up with an answer saying Einstein. Let me ask another question, "Tell me an indian mathematics scientist whose inventions and contributions are not easily digestable by the present young engineers ?" the answer shall be "Srinivasa Ramanujan". There is a special reason in common, why these people are so great.

Let me correlate this to the present world's software engineer's life. If a person concentrates on too many technologies he is knowledgeable in all of them, but he would not be that perfect/master in all of them. Rather, if he/she concentrates on only one thing, she/he will deserve a great position and point of contact for the questions and even for the research problems in that area.

Well, this correlation was blinking in my mind when i was on the way to the office today morning. If you want to understand the actual technical details, you are most welcome at the link below.

[Note:] Refer to for a technical understanding.


Rathnavel said...

Wow!!! Simply a mind blowing analysis...Well Done!!!

narayana said...

Thanks for the comments. I will put some more soon :)