Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Computer in simple terms to a Child

It was morning 11:30 am, i entered into a class room where every body was jotting down seriously some thing by peeping into their books. I went to the last bench as every body is new to me and adjusted my self into a bench far away from the dias.

Few minutes after settling, i heard some voice coming from the front of the class room, she was a lady with nice voice and started pointing out the people for the passage that they were expected to finish. Pupil started getting up one by one and reading the passages that were asked to write.

Since that was my first day in that college i kept quite and took the task for the next day. She asked us to write a simple and legible paragraph on computer so that a child can understand it with out any problems...

I really liked her class and thought for a moment, decided to write it up for the next day in very simple terms like this . . .

"Computer is a machine that does calculations so fast compared to the humans. It contains a big tv like square box called monitor, a piano kind of instrument called keyboad, rectangular shape box called cpu and a small mouse like device called mouse.

Just like any other machine, it takes the input from the keyboard [you can enter by pressing the keys] does some processing and shows the result of the calculations on the monitor. We give feed or input to the computer with keyboard and it uses the cpu [Central processing unit] to perform the calculations and uses the tv screen to show the resulsts. Computers are meant to do repetitive tasks infinitely to serve the public needs. It is used for many purposes, people use these machines to play games, to watch movies, generate reports and so on.

Scientists and mathematicians have been trying to use these computers to resemble human beings. There is a subject called artificial intelligence, in which the computers are playing an important role.

I drew few pictures also with the above passage on the paper so as to grab the childs attention :). She created a very good impression in all of us. Now she is the principle of the school and have been helping lots of children in thier english."

I come across from one of my friends channels that this question has been posed by big companies during their recruitment. But i am lucky that i have faced this question at the school itself :).

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