Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some times you achieve nothing if you go in their way . . .

I was upset at some thing which i was expecting didn't happen. Life has become full of disappointments to me. Nothing is happening like the way i want it to happen. My brother is doing his high level schooling and asked my openion on how he can improve his aptitude skills. So inorder to assess his present skills, i posed him a question on aptitude, and even before i could finish the question, he started blaming me that the question was wrong. I was shocked for a while, i tried to convince him that the question was correct but he seemed to me in a confliction mode of state.

So i asked him to bring one of the aptitude books. He grabbed a book from the shelf and searched some pages and finally told me that my question was wrong, and casted me also that question is not there in the aptitude books. I took the book and searched for a chapter and finally found the question which was same as the one i posed. He became calm when i showed him the question. I didn't like the way he treated me when i posed the question. I asked him why did he behaved that way the answer he told me was "You ask me questions back when i ask you some thing, and most of the times you are in tensed condition and rudely respond to my queries". Then i understood the reason why he behaved in such a way. I was wandering in the hall from the beggining when this discussion had started.

I gave the books back to him, and started telling slowly why i usually respond rudely to him. I started saying some thing like this. See, i have lost most of the patience that i used to have. I am not only here to answer your questions, but also to do my work better and ultimate way in my office. Even with that much pressure, i was ready to help you. I asked him to 'Just show me one person who is guiding their bother or dependents right after the daily job hours' i was sure he can rarely find an answer to that question. He realized and kept quite, i didn't stop my class :). I know much about him, if i go in his way, a big war could have happened in between us.

But i kept quite, showed him the question, started the class 'don't misunderstand that the class here means a subject related, its just another way of warning/scoldings'. I was awaken till 5'O clock just before that day and he didn't notice it. I told him the reason for that stay, i was pushing some thing into the production and busy working. All this happned in 2 hours and the room was so silent. I swear i can see his realization in his eyes and the way he was sitting. I felt bad about it my self and tried to bring his individuality back again. And finally replacated him. He was quite happy as he got a solicitor like me. This is not at all new to me, i have seen many people in my life who made me feel like this and i never gave the chance to them to miss my lecture. My intention here is not to blame them or scold them with my experiece, but i want to let them understand the actual things behind this glimpse. We two are just staying together away from home and if we quarrel like this, no one will be happy. I know he would definitely break my leg or some thing if i try to attempt him physically, so i took the chance of changing his mind, and used the power of words to make him realize about the situation. Then suddenly we realized that it was 2'O clock and went to bed.

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