Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sudden holiday Schedule . . .

Hmmm, i woke up in the after noon at 1'O clock, when i heard some thing like "Mess will be closed" from my room mate [he is my brother :D]. Then i woke up and brush my teeth and took bath and finallly became ready in 30 mins and ran to the mess and sat on one of the tables. After finishing lunch i was feeling like going to office even on this holiday [May 1st is a holiday in india]. But after coming back to the home, fell on the bed and was trying to take a nap, i don't know i tried hard to get sleep but it didn't come. So i opened a text book that was lying on the bed from almost 2 weeks and read some techology related to servlets. The author was Hunter and it was a very good book on Java Servlets.

After lying and reading one chapter from the book, i decided to go out and refresh my mind. So left room at 4'O clock and went to one of the famous churches in bangalore. It was Saint Patrics church on residency road. The church was closed when i went there, so i sat under a tree near by there and was staring at the doors and the greenery. Soon after one person came and opened the doors then i went inside and adjusted myself into a bench at the last from the dias and sat on my knees for praying. I spent almost considerable amount of time there. Then i heard some message beep from my mobile, and accidentally noticed that it was 5.15 PM.

Paster came and started the speech, it was in tamil so i could't understand much but got some gist out of it - "Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam" obviously this statement is same in telugu aswell so i understood his lecture to some extent. After spending some more time there i left that place and went to the nearest bus stop. Finally got into a bus after little struggling as there was much rush when i tried to get into the bus. Had food by 10 PM and made a call to home and wrote this msg.

Unfortunately i was not aware that may 1st is a holiday and i come to know about this only one day before that so i couldn't plan any trips, else really i could have planned some trip to see some place. :)

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